Awhile back, Virginie at The Wonderful World of Cinema nominated me for a second Liebster Award. Though it took me a bit to respond, I am completely flattered and thrilled, I feel like Sally Field.


Of course, before I continue I must thank Virginie! If you have not seen her blog, make sure you pay her a visit, she celebrates the glamorous glory of classic cinema!

Virginie’s Blog: thewonderfulworldofcinema.wordpress.com

Of course to accept a Liebster, you must follow a few rules:

RULE #1: Answer Your Nominator’s 11 Questions

1- If you had to “promote” a not too well known classic film, what will be your choice?Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla is a complete rip-off of a Martin & Lewis film, but it is a hoot! I wrote a post on it several months back, see it!

2- You are making a film. What’s your job?- Ooh every part, acting, costumes, directing, cinematography.

3- Do you share your birthday with one of your favourite movie stars? If yes, who?– I am a Cancer, I know with a name like Summer that’s not MUCH  of a surprise, and according to IMDB, that list includes George Sanders, Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch, Meryl Streep, Mel Brooks and Leslie Caron. So I am in good company.

4- What is your favourite movie score?That changes all the time, but right now I am really into the Rob Roy score.

5- How many films per week do you usually watch?3-5, I would love to watch more.

6- What do you think is the most CREATIVE movie ever made and why?Anything Terry Gilliam had his hand in. I think he is a genius, his films are visually stunning.

7- Do you have a child name after a certain movie star or movie character? Or are you planning this for your future kid (if you plan to have one, or many!).- I named my car “Chip” after the teacup in “Beauty and The Beast” and I named a pigeon I rescued “Walter” after “Walter Pidgeon”. 

8- How much do classic films influence your everyday life?– You mean, apart from giving my cars and pets terrible names?

9- What are you planning to do to honour Olivia de Havilland’s on her centennial next July? 😉No specific plans, but if you host a blogathon, I’ll probably join! Now if you asked about a Vampira centennial… 


10- What do you enjoy the most about blogging?– The fact that I meet and connect with people all over the world who share similar interests and, people whom I would never meet in my day-to-day life due to our geographic distance.

11- Do you have any advice, suggestions for future bloggers?Here’s my philosophy: Always be yourself, cite your sources, no trolls allowed.

Rule #2: Offer 11 Fun Facts About Yourself

Since my blog is movie themed, here are 11  movie-related tidbits about me:

  1. What is the last film that made you cry? – I love a movie that moves me emotionally! Last week I saw a miniseries on The Temptations. It is currently on HULU, now I can’t hear “My Girl” without getting misty. If you are a music lover, you must see this film with a large box of tissues for the second half.
  2. What is the funniest film you’ve ever seen? My favorites are Oscar and  A Night at the Opera I am a huge fan of verbal and physical comedy.
  3. What is the last movie you could not sit through? Recently I tried watching a film called Cucumber Castle a musical fairy tale starring The Bee Gees, it was silly. I don’t know, it might be good if you’re in the right mood, I wasn’t feeling it. I may give it another chance.
  4. Who’s your favorite movie detective? I am a huge fan of all incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, but my two favorite Sherlocks are Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett.
  5. What is your go-to film for a bad day? The Princess Bride and A Room With A View, I watch those when I am sick, both movies are great for a broken heart too, a lovely reminder to hold out for something better.
  6. What’s your favorite film franchise? Probably Tremors I-IV, I also really enjoy Jurassic Park, the non-San Diego portions of The Lost World and Jurassic Park III, the fourth film can go away.
  7. What is the best movie death ever? Basil Rathbone’s repeated deaths and subsequent awakenings in A Comedy of Terrors, “What place is this?” might be the most hysterical line ever written.
  8. What kind of movie character would you most like to be like? I would like to be sophisticated and tough like Bette Davis or Joan Crawford or Barbara Stanwyck in any of their roles. But that’s really being cast against type.
  9. How did you pick your blog’s name? I wish I could take credit for “Serendipitous Anachronisms” because it is my two favorite words strung together and my blog makes random discoveries despite chronology.  The term came from a book entitled Medievalisms: Making the Past Present the book defines a “Serendipitous Anachronism” as creating beneficial readings of the past despite historical errors. An example of this type of film is Monty Python and The Holy Grail the film is set in 932, but feature elements from a 14th-century Arthurian poem, while this is an obvious temporal error, it does allow for deeper engagement with Arthurian literature.
  10. Do you recall any blog names you vetoed? My original title was “Kitsch Me Once”, same as my twitter handle. But I wanted something smarter than a play on a 1940s song.
  11. Which post do you think best represents you IRL? As a rule, I try not to be too snarky,  but sometimes I can’t resist, my post on Rent is probably the closest to my humor with really close friends and family. My post on Monsieur Verdoux is closest to my academic self, my posts on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Amélie are probably closest to my heart.

Rule #3: Spread the Love & Nominate 11 Fantastic Bloggers

Here are some wonderful blogs I discovered in the past few months, if you are not following them, you should!

  1. Critica Retro
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  5. Silents, Please!
  6. Silentology
  7. Ramblings of a Cinephile
  8. Cinema Crossroads
  9. That Other Critic
  10. Make Mine Criterion
  11. Scifist

Rule #4: Ask 11 Questions to your Nominees

My above-listed darlings, should you chose to receive your award, I ask you what I offered about myself, fair is fair!

  1. What is the last film that made you cry?
  2. What is the funniest film you’ve ever seen?
  3. What is the last movie you could not sit through?
  4. Who’s your favorite movie detective?
  5. What is your go-to film for a bad day?
  6. What’s your favorite film franchise?
  7. What is the best movie death ever?
  8. What kind of movie character would you most like to be like?
  9. How did you pick your blog’s name?
  10. Do you recall any blog names you vetoed?
  11. Which of your posts do you think best represents you IRL?

Again, thank you, Virginie, for spreading the love!

To my nominees, please note you were not selected at random I have enjoyed reading your posts.

Ciao for Now, Dearies!