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My darling readers, I bet you are wondering what is going to happen at Serendipitous Anachronisms, now that the France on Film Blogathon is over. Little did you know, I had another plot hatching, and it is thanks to Classic Movie Hub. Back in October, they had a brief essay contest asking people to name their favorite Vincent Price film, and I selected The Baron of Arizona AND WON! Well, thanks to Classic Movie Hub and the generous folks at Dover Publications, I am now the proud owner of the 50th Anniversary Edition A Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary and Vincent Price. So I am starting a new blog series called Dining with Mr. Price, because as you might have noticed or guessed I am a huge Vincent Price fan.


This new series is the perfect night in, dinner and a movie. I discuss a Vincent Price film and cook a meal from A Treasury of Great Recipes.

I will kick off the series with The Baron of Arizona based on a true story about James Reavis a swindler who with a false Spanish land grant, obtained a large portion of the American west (that is not a spoiler, that is American history). In the film, Reavis (played by Price) spends time in Spain, so I will cook Spanish dishes from A Treasury of Great Recipes including a paella!

This book is AMAZING! It features great recipes and vintage menus from great restaurants all over the world (Sardi’s, The Ivy, etc.). A Treasury of Great Recipes truly is a treasure, if you are into cooking, or Vincent Price, or both, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Ciao for Now, Dearies!