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Dear Readers, I am announcing a new blog series entitled Unusual Suspects! In my new series, I continue my on-going cinematic exploration. This time, I focus on crime drama with unexpected casting choices. For example, see my post on Charlie Chaplin’s film Monsieur Verdoux where Chaplin plays a serial killer.

How will other lovable actors pull off playing the villain? Good question! We’ll find out in this series.

My posts will continue to vary from the comic to the hyper-academic, depending upon what the material warrants.

Why, you may ask. Well, I am an academic. I may stumble upon a long-term research project, when I find something that piques my academic interest, I write in an academic tone.  In this upcoming series, I will offer humorous observations, alternative lenses, historical perspectives, and interesting behind-the-scenes information.

If you read my Summer Camp: The Season of the Kitsch Series, you know I am big on rules, they create focus. Here are the new rules:

1. The film features an actor committing criminal activities. The actor is cast against type.

2. The film is accessible online, there is no point in having a conversation about a movie that no one can see.

3. This blog is a path of cinematic discovery. There are a lot of really great movies I could talk about forever, but I want this series to discover movies that have not received a lot of cinematic attention.

4. I am watching the films at midnight! I am carrying this rule over from my last series because I enjoy watching old movies late at night. More importantly, if I give myself a strict time, I know it will get done!

I have an interesting film list planned for this series. Keep reading, we will make great discoveries.

In my next post, I will cover Mickey Rooney’s cinematic one-man crime wave!

(Wait, you mean Santa in the Rankin & Bass Christmas specials? Andy Hardy? That Mickey Rooney?!)

Yes, that Mickey Rooney!