Summer is here! Almost. Well, I am! In honor of my favorite season, I am starting a series of blogs called “Summer Camp: The Season of the Kitsch”– in this series of blogs, focusing on kitschy/campy films. Because nothing says summer vacation like staying up late to watch movies that are (hopefully) so bad they are good!

Here are the rules:

1) It must be a film I have never seen before: this is a path of cinematic discovery. There are great films I would love to write about, but I do not want to skew focus.

2) It must have a great poster or lobby card: here I judge a film by its cover, and solely by its cover. As a collector of vintage movie posters and lobby cards, this is an opportunity to discover what exists beyond the graphic representation!

3) It must be accessible online: because I can never remember when things are on tv and video stores are long gone.

4) I must watch the films at midnight: because midnight movies have a special charm. I love the corny mystique of films like The Killer Shrews, Barbarella, or Polyester.

Those are my guidelines, keep reading we may make some great discoveries!